Camper/Boat/Boat Trailer Storage

Fall is fast approaching! 


The name of the Vehicle Storage Area has changed to more correctly identify what is to be stored in the area. The new name is Camper/Boat/Boat Trailer Storage Area. The items to be stored in the area are campers, boat/pontoons and their trailers. 


With the name change come some additional changes. In order to place an item in the Camper & Boat Storage Area the following steps need to occur:

  1. Camper/Boat/Trailer application will need to be completed. The form will be available at LLBC or on the website at under Forms & Policies and under the tab titled "Storage Area"

  2. In following Barron County Law regarding recreational vehicles, please have a copy of your Barron County Land Use Permit. The cost of the one-time permit is $50 and is valid until the property sells to a new owner. The form is available on our website under forms and documents and on the Barron County website, the form is given to all new LLBC members. Any questions regarding the Barron County Land Use Permit feel free to contact Barron County Zoning at 715-537-6375.

  3. The completed application and Barron County Land Use Permit is required to be turned in to Front Desk Staff. Management will either approve/disapprove the application.

  4. Once the application has been approved a new sticker/number will be assigned and the member will receive a copy of the application along with the new 2018 sticker.

  5. LLBC staff will be setting up designated times/dates to put Campers/Boats/Trailers in storage. The times will be posted early. They will be posted both on the website at and at the club.

  6. On the day that you are ready to store the item for the season have the new sticker applied to the tongue of the trailer, Barron County Land Use Form and have your copy of the application form. The completed/signed application must be presented to the staff person working in the storage area.

  7. Plan ahead, applications and stickers are available now.

  8. Units unfit for storage by condition may not be stored.

  9. Boat trailers that are empty for the winter months will need to be stored at Partridge Park in the ball field area, along the back stop fence.

  10. Trailers over 35 foot/5th wheels will again be stored at Partridge Park.

  11. Keys will NOT be available to membership to put any items IN storage.

  12. All campers are required to be removed from the storage area no later than June 1, 2019. Per policy #19 Items may be stored for up to 8 months after which they must be removed from storage for at least 3 months. Any items stored past 8 months may be subject to a storage fee. Storage fees are set by the Board of Directors. Items deemed to be abandoned may be disposed of and will be assessed a removal fee of $500. Management will make efforts to contact owners before removal.

  13. Prior to removing your camper in spring of next year, the LLBC Temporary Dwelling Permit will need to be on file. The Temporary Dwelling Permit is available both at the club and on our website 

  14. For items in the Camper/Boat/Trailer Storage Area at the present time, you may still come in to the club to obtain the key to remove your item. Please also complete the application form and present your Barron County Land Use Permit at this time to obtain the current sticker.

PLEASE NOTE: The stickers currently on the tongues of these items all need to be updated to the current sticker.

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