Temporary Dwelling Permit
Loch Lomond Beach Club - Policy and Procedures Manual
Policy #17 Attachment A
(Revised 9/15/2020)

WHEREAS, the Covenants and Restrictions for each division located in the Loch Lomond Beach Club, Inc. (LLBCI) (a.k.a. “The Woods”) subdivisions provide that occupancy of a temporary structure shall be used at any time as a seasonal /permanent dwelling without a written Temporary Dwelling Permit issued by LLBCI. These dwellings do not need to be removed from the property.

WHEREAS, the undersigned desires to obtain such a permit on the terms and conditions set forth as follows; NOWTHEREFORE, the undersigned hereby apply to LLBCI for a Temporary Dwelling Permit on the following terms and conditions:

1.   WE/I agree to comply with the Covenants and Restrictions for our division.

2.  WE/I agree to comply with all Barron County Rules pertaining to Temporary dwellings

3.  WE/I understand that LLBC reserves the right to ask for the removal of the temporary dwelling if it is found not in compliance with County or LLBC policies.

4.  WE/I agree that all structures must comply with the applicable state and local health regulations.

5.  WE/I agree that the term temporary shall include, but not be limited to, tents, trailers, campers, and recreational vehicles, garages, basements.

6.  WE/I agree that my temporary dwelling may be occupied from April 1st to February 1st.

7.  WE/I agree to display the temporary occupancy permit on the door of the temporary dwelling

8.  We/I understand that members may store the seasonal dwellings at the LLBCI storage areas located on Loch Lomond Boulevard with permission from LLBCI on a space available basis.

9.  We/I understand that the granting of our Temporary Dwelling Permit shall constitute a binding contract with LLBCI.

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