LLBC Swimming Pool & Splash Pad


The LLBC swimming pool and Splash Pad are open Memorial Day through Labor Day each year. 

Hours of operation:

Open Swim 10 am - 9:30 pm 

Adult only     9 am - 10:00 am (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Water Aerobics 9 am - 10 am (Monday & Thursday)

Effective 5/27/2017 LLBC developed a policy regarding swim pants. The policy states that any child 4 years and under will be required to wear reusable swim pants in our pool and Splash Pad. The disposable swim pants do not fit the required criteria. Please note that if you bring a child 4 or under to the pool and/or Splash Pad you will be required to have the cloth swim pants. You may purchases them elsewhere, but we do offer them for approximately $7 per pair. For more information read our Swim Pant Brochure. Also, please read the information provided by the Barron County Health Department, Facts about Crypto and Swimming Pools 

After an amazing summer, filled with sunshine, warm memories, stary nights, family & fun the pool was put to rest for the long, cold winter on 9/4/18!

The pool will be ready to go by Memorial Day weekend 2019! See you all then!

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