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Guidelines for Accessory Structures

The purpose of this article is to provide further guidance on the building requirements for Accessory Structures (typically garages and sheds) within the LLBC.

Barron County and the LLBC allow two Accessory Structures per LLBC lot.   Please note, that Barron County views any structure (other than your home/RV) as an Accessory Structure.  You can only have two per lot.

All Accessory Structures, regardless of size, require a Barron County Land Use Permit and an approved LLBC Application of Approval of Construction Plan.  In the case of a detached garage you will also need to obtain a Cedar Lake Township UDC permit.  

Per Barron County zoning, “Accessory Structures shall not be designed or used, in part or whole, for human habitation. Human habitation is defined in the Barron County Land Use Ordinance as “The act of occupying a structure as a dwelling or sleeping place, whether intermittently or as a principal structure”.  Decks, porches, balconies, and other similar features are not allowed as part of, or in association with, an accessory building.”

The main Accessory Structure (typically garage or large shed) maximum size is regulated by Barron County and varies by the size of your lot.  The maximum height of the main Accessory Structure is 20 ft.  The LLBC considers an Accessory Structure which has a footprint greater than 144 sq. ft. to be the main Accessory Structure and requires that this structure be placed on a concrete pad.

The second Accessory Structure cannot have a footprint larger than 144 sq ft per Barron County zoning and LLBC Policy 17.  The maximum height for secondary Accessory Structure is 12 ft. This structure is not required to be placed on a concrete pad.


Setback Requirements:

These setback requirements are specific to Accessory Buildings.  

Divisions 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,11,12

Interior property line – 15 ft.

Side street – 20 ft.

Back lot line – 10 ft.

From street – 63 ft from street center line, 30 ft. from right of way, 40 ft. from property line – whichever is greater.


Division 4

Same as above with the exception that there are special setback requirements for named lots with the LLBC Covenants and Restrictions.  It is best to check with the ACC to determine specific setback requirements for your lot.


Division 10:

Interior property lines – 10ft.

Back lot line – 10ft.

From street - 63 ft from street center line or 50 ft. from street – whichever is greater.


Note, on lakeshore lots all structures must be 75 ft. from the Ordinary High-Water Mark.

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