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Mission Statement for the Loch Lomond Beach Club

The Mission of Loch Lomond Beach Club (LLBC) is to foster and maintain acquaintanceship and friends among the LLBC community.  LLBC will provide quality services, well-maintained facilities and a pleasant atmosphere for the beneficial use of its members.


  1. To maintain LLBC status as a non-profit organization, operating under its Articles of Incorporation, Covenants, Policies and Procedures.

  2. To value members, management and employees as key resources to LLBC.

  3. To encourage members to be involved in the governance, direction and activities of LLBC.

  4. To anticipate the future through prudent planning, resource management and sound fiscal practices.

  5. To maintain value while creating long term benefits for our members.

  6. To be a source of pride for members and the Red Cedar Lake Area.

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