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Loch Lomond Beach Club is a non-profit organization that consists of over 1500 lots in the area. The
properties are privately owned. LLBC owns properties throughout the development including out lots. Simply put, we are a group of people that enjoy the great Northwoods of the beautiful Birchwood, Wisconsin.

Below is a list of questions and answers that you might have. If you have a question that is not answered
here, please feel free to call or email our Manager - Angie Dubberke 715-520-0360

  • Addresses for LLBC Properties
    The Beach Club address is 2754 28 th St, Birchwood WI 54817 Partridge Park (overflow storage area) is located at 2909 28 ¾ St, Birchwood WI 54817 Walleye Park is located at 2632 28 1/8 St, Birchwood WI 54817 LLBC Waste Area is located at 2884 28 ¾ St, Birchwood WI 54817 Storage Area is located at 2849 28 ¾ St, Birchwood WI 54817
  • What amenities are included with an LLBC membership?
    Loch Lomond Beach Club offers many amenities. LLBC has a new building that was opened in the spring of 2020. The clubhouse itself offers a wide variety of things for you and your family to enjoy, including a pool table, music, many tv’s and wifi, a variety of games, both indoor/outdoor bean bags, kids crafts and a beautiful fireplace. Showering/bathroom facilities and a fully stocked kitchen add to our long list of amenities available to our members. There is no chance to be bored at LLBC! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. We offer kayaks and a paddle boards (available to rent) tennis and pickleball courts, large playground, swimming pool, a splash pad and frisbee golf. There is plenty of covered/uncovered patio space for you to relax and enjoy an ice-cold beverage or a snack from our concession area. Sometimes our members prefer being away from the hustle and bustle of the Beach Club, if that is the case our parks are the place for you. The parks offer pavilions, picnic tables and each contains a small playground area. No reservations are needed, the parks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Where can I find information on building a garage/cabin/home/shed etc? Can I build on my lot?
    Most lots can be built on however, our members are responsible to obtain a LLBC Approval of Construction Plan as well as all Barron County Building requirements. Both Barron County and LLBC have building requirements that need to be followed. LLBC building requirements can be found on this website under Policy # 17. Barron County requirements can be found on the Barron County website. Any type of construction is required to have LLBC approval. Any questions regarding building of any kind, set-backs, permits etc should be directed to the LLBC Board of Directors, Architectural Control Committee. Most questions can be answered by accessing our website Policy #17 is the Architectural Control Policy. On Policy #17 also has all LLBC forms required to be completed by the member.
  • What lake is the Loch Lomond Beach Club located on?
    The club is located on the Red Cedar Lake chain. The chain consists of Hemlock, Red Cedar and Balsam Lakes. The 3-lake chain is beautifully maintained by the Red Cedar Lake Association (RCLA). Many of our members are also members of the RCLA. If you are interested in joining, please complete the form that is available by asking at the front desk at the club house. The cost is $20 for an individual and $40 for a family. The lake offers many species of fish - Walleye, Perch, Sunfish, Bluegills, Northern just to name a few!! You will also notice the abundance of loons, Eagles and osprey.
  • Is there a storage area available for members to store items?
    One of the many amenities offered by Loch Lomond Beach Club is a storage area. This area is a gated/locked area that we allow members to store either a pontoon/boat or camper in. A form is available at the front desk or on the website. Simply complete the form. We will then give you a sticker that should be placed on the tongue of the item being stored. When you are ready to put the in storage or remove it, simply stop into the club and obtain the key to the storage area. The key may be checked out for up to 2 hours. Return the key when you are finished. Be sure that the items being stored are locked. We do have limited storage space therefore the items being stored in our storage area need to be owned by a member.
  • When and where are the LLBC Board or Directors meetings?
    The Board meetings are typically the 2 nd Saturday of each month. Board meetings are also listed on the website and reminders are often sent out in weekly emails. Members are all invited to attend Board meetings. Board meeting minutes are available to our members on our website.
  • Are dogs allowed at LLBC?
    Dogs are NOT allowed inside the building or inside any fenced in areas of LLBC, including the pool/Splash Pad area. This includes emotional support dogs. A certified service dog is allowed with its handler. Dogs are permitted at all of our parks.
  • Is smoking allowed at LLBC?
    Smoking/vaping is not allowed in the building, pool/Splash Pad or any covered patio areas.
  • Is LLBC handicapped accessible?
    All state and local requirements were followed in regards to handicapped accessibility in our new building.
  • My son/daughter is 13 can they go to the pool alone?
    Yes – a child 12 or over may be at the pool without a parent. Any person under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (a person over age 18) at all times while at LLBC. Children under 12 must be with an adult (personal over age 18) at all times while using any club amenities.
  • Are there docks available to rent?
    We have docks at both the Beach Club and at Walleye Park. We offer 4 different types of dock that are available to rent (any listed dates are specific to 2021): 2 – hour temporary docks. We offer 5 docks in the LLBC Marina and 1 at Walleye Park that can be used for temporary parking. There is no charge for these docks, they are used on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations are required for using these docks. Rental docks. We offer docks that can be rented for anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. The docks are located at the Beach Club. These docks do fill up quickly for holiday weekends (Memorial Day, week of July 4 th & Labor Day) Timeshare docks. There are 2 timeshares available for 2021 Timeshare #1 will run from ice off or May 1 until July 10 th at 10 am. 2021 Timeshare #2 will run from noon, July 10 until Saturday, October 2 at 10 am. Timeshare docks are requested by requesting a dock anytime after midnight on January 1 of each year with an email. Docks are assigned based simply on order of the email requests received- first come, first serve. Timeshare docks are available at both Walleye Park and the Beach Club Marina. Seasonal/Long Term Slips. Seasonal slips are available at both Walleye Park and LLBC Marina. Seasonal/Long Term slip holders are guaranteed a dock each year and will hold the use of said slip until the member sells property and is no longer a member of LLBC, “turns the dock back in”/decides that they no longer want use of a slip or the agreement is terminated by LLBC Management. There is a waitlist for a Seasonal slip. For 2022/2023 the expected wait time is approximately 20-25 years. The oldest date on the waitlist is from 2016.
  • Can I add my name to the waitlist for a Seasonal slip?
    Front desk staff person can add your name to this list.
  • How much does it cost to rent a dock?
    The prices for dock rentals can all be found on the website (click the “Facilities and Hours” tab then click “Dock Information”)
  • My child is 3 is he/she required to wear swim pants?
    Effective 5/27/2017 LLBC developed a policy regarding swim pants. Any child under the age 4 prior to April 1 is required to wear swim pants in our pool/Splash Pad. We do have the required swim pants for sale. The price is exactly what we pay for them. If you have further questions, stop at the front desk and request a Swim Pants Brochure. This brochure provides more information. Information can also be found on our website under the “Swimming Pool” tab.
  • Thunderstorm warning/Tornado warning/watch
    This is Wisconsin, unfortunately bad weather can sometimes cause our plans to change. If you are at the Beach Club during the times of threatening weather our staff and members safety are our first concern. Here is what to expect: Alert Signs will be posted on all doors. The signs will indicate the threat to you and how long the warning/watch is in effect for. Lightening is spotted and no warnings/watches have been set, the pool and splash pad areas MUST be cleared immediately. If you see lightening, let staff know. Although inconvenient, safety is first! You will hear announcements over our speaker system. The pool and Splash Pad area will remain clear until lightening & thunder are no longer visible or can be heard. Staff will alert you when you are able to go back to the pool/Splash Pad areas. Tornado/Thunderstorm watch – announcement will be made over our speaker system Thunderstorm warning – announcement will be made along with further instructions indicating that you should exit the pool and Splash Pad area immediately. Tornado Warning - announcement will be made, exit the pool and Splash Pad as well as the covered patio areas immediately. The storeroom is a storm shelter that can be accessed during club business hours. Staff and members at the club should go into the storeroom until the time of the warning has expired.
  • Can I leave my camper on my property?
    Please refer to LLBC Policy #25.
  • My Family will be part of a trust, is there something that I need to do to get everyone membership cards and vehicle stickers?"
    Any questions on Trusts, need to be referred to Angie Dubberke, Manager or Cindy Zuleger, Administrative Assistant. Either of them will assist you with completing the proper forms and advise regarding stickers and membership cards.
  • When is the Annual Meeting? How many members from my lot can vote? Can I vote if I am not able to attend the Annual Meeting?
    The Annual Meeting is held the second Saturday of June. The time is determined each year. Historically, a meal is served to the membership. (The exception to this is that in 2020 the Annual meeting was held in August due to the COVIC 19 virus) Each lot is eligible for 1 vote – regardless of how many owners there are. An absentee vote is defined as a vote made by a person who, because of absence, illness, or the like, has been permitted to vote by mail. The Absentee ballot below must be completed in its entirety and be received at the Loch Lomond Beach Club prior to the Thursday prior to the Annual Meeting no later than 5 pm to be validated and counted at the Loch Lomond Beach Club, Inc. One ballot can be completed for each lot owned by a member in good standing. A member in good standing means all assessments have been paid in full for all lots owned, prior to the date of signature on the Absentee Ballot.
  • How do I go about obtaining a Fire numbers and/or a culvert?
    If you are locating a new driveway you need to contact the Town Patrolman, Scott Walters, at 715-234-3817 (town shop) and leave a message. The town will determine if the driveway is necessary and if a culvert is required. If a culvert is required, the Town will order, deliver and charge you for it.
  • Who do I contact for electricity, emergency, etc?"
    Hook-up electricity – Xcel Energy: 1-800-895-4999 Barron County Sherriff Department (Non-Emergency): 715-537-3106 Emergency: 911 Local cable and internet providers in the area are S&K Cable, Centurylink and Mosaic
  • What's a Lot/Block/Division?
    Every property is identified to us with a lot/block/division. This number will always remain with the property. The lot/block/division follows the land, not the person. The lot/block/division is how we at LLBC identify our members. When you come to the club, you will be asked for your lot/block/division. If you don’t know your lot/block/division you can ask at the front desk
  • Can I bring guests with me to the club?
    Members must remain with their guests while using any LLBC amenities. See LLBC Policy #18
  • Who is the governing body at LLBC?
    LLBC has a 7-person Board of Directors. These Board members are unpaid members of our membership that have been elected to make decisions in the best interest of the LLBC membership. These board members ensure that the Covenants & Restrictions of LLBC are being enforced.
  • Is there a restaurant and bar on-site?
    LLBC has a snack/concession bar. We offer many grab & go snacks (slushy’s, wine, tap beer & pop, frozen pizzas, candy, etc.). LLBC offers the convenience of members being able to charge from our concession area. Simply let the staff person know that you would like to charge your items. Members are emailed/mailed an invoice at the end of each month. This option is especially handy when you come to the club to swim and don’t want to bring money with you. The clubhouse also offers our members the use of a fully stocked kitchen (pots, pans, toaster, silverware, utensils, etc.). We have a stove, microwave, pizza ovens, refrigerator and grills. These items are available for member use. Popcorn and coffee are always available for our members!
  • Can I use the boat launch at the Beach Club?
    The membership boat launch located at the club can be accessed by any member (in good standing) to launch their boat. Please be sure to have your vehicle sticker on the windshield of your vehicle showing you are a member. Simply park your vehicle/trailer in the upper lot. The boat launches are only for member use.
  • Is there potable water available?
    Potable water is available for our members to use to fill containers. (Do not use the available water to wash vehicles, UTV’s, ATV’s) The water is available spring, summer and fall until approximately October. The water is safe for drinking. Many members prefer to bring smaller jugs for drinking water into the club to fill in the kitchen at one of our sinks and this is acceptable.
  • I am a new member of LLBC, how do I go about using the Waste Area or other amenities?"
    Once you have closed on your property, Barron County provides us with that information. Simply stop into the Beach Club with a copy of your deed. Staff will be more than happy to not only welcome you but to also provide you with all essential information, including a tour of the facility, provide copies of policies, Covenants & Restrictions, vehicle parking stickers, membership cards and answer the multitude of questions that you probably have. If your purchase takes place in the off-season we will still proceed with your membership. You will receive a "Welcome" card in the mail. This card will contain valuable information. Be sure to read it. We are able to mail your stickers but you will need to wait until the club opens again in the spring for membership cards.
  • I have heard that the Beach Club building is new, is this true?"
    LLBC was established in 1968. In 2018 membership celebrated 50 years with a week-long celebration. After many professional opinions we found that the 52-year-old building was not safe to repair any longer. After many hours of contemplation and even some tears, the building was demolished the fall of 2019. Our new building was rebuilt over the fall/winter of 2019/2020 and with much excitement was re-opened in the spring of 2020. There is a book at the club for our membership to see before, during and after pictures. Be sure to look for it!
  • I have adult children, are they considered members?"
    Members of LLBC are the owners listed on the deed to the property, spouses and any children 19 years and under. Adult children would be considered a guest. Guests are welcome to be at the club with a member in good standing. For more questions or more information, contact the club Manager.
  • I am considering purchasing within LLBC on a land contract. What does this mean for my membership?
    As long as you (purchaser) and the owner are both listed on the deed, you are considered a member of LLBC. If only the current owner is listed on the deed they are the only members.
  • Where can I access LLBC Policies?
    All LLBC Policies, Covenants & Restrictions and By-laws are available on our website. There are also copies of each Divisions Covenants & Restrictions available at the club for members to read while at the club.
  • What County/Township are we located in?
    Loch Lomond Beach Club is located in Barron County in the Cedar Lake Township. For more information regarding Cedar Lake Township access their website by clicking Town of Cedar Lake. For more information specific to Barron County access
  • Does the LLBC area have access to ATV/UTV/snowmobile trails?
    Yes, our roads do provide access to trails. Signs are posted to show access. There are trail maps available at LLBC and also at many local businesses.
  • Contact Information:
    If you have questions that have not been answered, please contact the following for more information: Manager – Angie Dubberke 715-520-0360 Billing questions – Cindy Zuleger 715-520-2684
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