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Things to
know before purchasing a lot

A few things to consider before purchasing a lot. 

  1. There are yearly dues for each lot owned.

  2. If you plan on camping, there is a 5 year maximum to camp on that lot.  You do not have to build after this time, but will no longer be able to camp. (Division 2 and 3 are an exception to this, there is no limit in these 2 divisions). You must have a transfer tank, a sanitation permit and a land use permit from Barron County along with a temporary dwelling permit from LLBC. 

  3. If you are planning on building, you need to fill out an LLBC application for approval, have a land use from Barron County and a building permit from the Town of Cedar Lake. 

  4. These are some basic considerations that have been asked the most, please check out the other tabs in this section for more information.  Forms are found under the forms tab.

  5. If you have further questions and do not see them anywhere on this website you may contact the administrative assistant at



(the only difference between a member lot and a non-member lot is that

a non-member lot does not pay dues, therefore cannot use the amenities)

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