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Mission Statement

for the Loch Lomond Beach Club


The Mission of Loch Lomond Beach Club (LLBC) is to foster and maintain acquaintanceship and friends among the LLBC community.  LLBC will provide quality services, well-maintained facilities and a pleasant atmosphere for the beneficial use of its members.


  1. To maintain LLBC status as a non-profit organization, operating under its Articles of Incorporation, Covenants, Policies and Procedures.

  2. To value members, management and employees as key resources to LLBC.

  3. To encourage members to be involved in the governance, direction and activities of LLBC.

  4. To anticipate the future through prudent planning, resource management and sound fiscal practices.

  5. To maintain value while creating long term benefits for our members.

  6. To be a source of pride for members and the Red Cedar Lake Area.


Dear LLBC Community,


      As stated in a previous communication, the coronavirus has interrupted our plans for the opening of the new clubhouse. This virus has inconvenienced everyone’s normal daily activities.   Every summer we look forward to our time on the lake and the LLBC Activities.

      Our main concern is with the health, safety and well-being of our members, guests and staff. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose health has been affected by the coronavirus and hope that this virus is eradicated soon. We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and the State of Wisconsin.

      We will be monitoring the progress of the coronavirus and will be opening the clubhouse and rescheduling seasonal activities as soon as we get the all clear from the officials. Once that happens we will notify you by the usual channels. 

      As a reminder the waste area is still open with staff keeping their distance, construction of the new building goes on.  We will continue to work with a skeleton staff during this time.  We all look forward to full use of our facilities as soon as it is deemed safe.   

      As usual Angie is doing a great job of managing the Board of Directors decisions and direction. We all appreciate the job Angie does for us.


If you have any questions, the Board will accept inquiries by email only.


Best Wishes, LLBC Board of Directors 

© 2020 by Loch Lomond Beach Club.